Privacy Policy

With an eye toward establishing trust, we want to be clear on your privacy when using this website. This page describes the type of personal information is received and processed through our website, and how that data is used.

Rest assured that we will never share your email address or any other personal information with anyone outside Interface 48 Systems without your direct consent. Full stop.

Your use of this website, in any and all forms, constitutes an acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

Collected Information

We use a web analytics tool called Google Analytics to help us understand how visitors access and interact with this website. Google Analytics collects anonymous information from visitors across pages on this website using a combination of JavaScript and Cookies, and includes the following:

  • Pages viewed per visit
  • Pages on which a visit began and ended
  • Visit duration
  • Device information, such as: OS, language and web browser type
  • Information extracted from the visitor's IP address, such as: ISP, Country and City
  • Source of visit (e.g., referral tag on link from other websites, search engines, or social media, etc.)

The information provided to us by Google Analytics allows us to make substantiated changes to our website to improve the overall user experience.

For more information regarding your privacy when using a 'Google Analytics'-enabled website such as this one, please refer to the  Google Analytics Data Practices.


In order to enable certain features associated with this website, cookies are stored within your web browser. The cookies maintained by Interface 48 Systems simply contain a unique session identifier that allows us to track your visit across page views—the aforementioned cookies do not contain any information that could personally identify you.

As mentioned previously, the Google Analytics service that we use on this website also stores cookies within your web browser. Interface 48 Systems has no access to or control over the cookies maintained by the Google Analytics service. For specific details regarding what information is contained within the Google Analytics cookies, again, please refer to the  Google Analytics Data Practices.

If you wish to disable cookies for this website, please refer to the online help documentation provided by the vendor of your specific web browser.