Interface 48's mission is to enable people to more effectively command control, and extract meaningful information through, a unified interface placed in front of systems that otherwise consist of disparate software and hardware components.


We are a small, custom software development company based in Vancouver, founded in 2013. We specialize in the development of lean, practical software solutions deployed on web and mobile platforms that enable people to better interface with back-end systems or processes. While our passion lies in systems integration through software, we do not strive to re-create functionality that is already available in Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software packages. If we find that your problem can be solved using one or more existing COTS software packages, we will make you aware of them. Like you, we are not looking to make work, we are looking to solve problems.

Sean Pallister's Profile

Sean Pallister  

The driving force behind Interface 48, Sean Pallister, has roots in systems engineering. Prior to Interface 48, Sean worked over six years as a design engineer at an electrical engineering consulting firm in Vancouver, Canada. During this time, Sean worked on numerous projects within the transportation, industrial and security sectors, all the while refining his knowledge and skills with respect to the engineering design process. It wasn't long before Sean discovered that his true passion was in developing software to bring together systems of otherwise disconnected components, better enabling organizations to achieve their business objectives.

As a result, a solid understanding of the engineering design process is at the foundation of Interface 48—allowing us to approach projects with the foresight required to anticipate common design constraints. We place high value on communication throughout the entire project life-cycle, since we believe it is critical in delivering an optimal solution in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Where we're Going

We plan to become known as your software multi-tool—experts having knowledge in all aspects of modern software systems, that you can rely up to efficiently deliver software solutions. Although many systems can be brought together using COTS software, there are certain cases where this may not be feasible due to fiscal, operational, or other unique constraints. It is these special cases we seek—to fill the gaps in project requirements and deliver a purpose-built software solution that is sustainable for your organization in the long-term. We look forward to proving to you that we are an honest, reliable and innovative partner that you can look to for answers when you're in a bind.