Web Applications

Interface 48 has experience developing scalable, responsive web applications that target those end user devices that you need to support, including:

  • PCs,
  • Tablets, and,
  • Smartphones.
If you are looking to convey information to users using a simple communications medium such as email or SMS, we can help you do that as well. Although we like to focus on developing web applications that leverage the many enhancements associated with the modern web, we also know what it takes to support older web browsers that may still be found in large organizations.


With many of our solutions, HTTP APIs are implicitly involved at one or more points within the overall solution architecture. We possess experience developing JSON-based APIs accessed from front-end JavaScript applications, as well as integrating third-party APIs into back-end services. Of course, we also have strong working knowledge of the security mechanisms available to ensure API communications remain secure.

Back-end Services

We can assist with the design and development of back-end services that may consist of only a single component to automate the workflow of a particular task, or many components that work together to automate a multitude of processes that make up a larger overall system. Depending on your requirements, the back-end service that suits your needs may be a standalone desktop application that is activated on-demand through user input, or an always-on service that is continuously looking for and processing new tasks as they arise.


Almost all the applications that we develop have some form of persistent data storage on the back-end. Although application data could be stored in something as simple as a single flat file, most commonly data is stored and managed within a RDBMS database. Through analysis of your requirements, we can help you identify an optimal data storage architecture and strategy for your application, as well as the supporting systems and services that you may require to maintain data integrity over time and ensure that your data remains secure and highly available.